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Poslao centar137 on 19.08.2007 3:18:28
Wikipedia kaze ovako:

* FreeBSD, a major open source effort focusing on performance and the x86 platform, and DragonFly BSD, a fork of FreeBSD to follow an alternative design, particularly related to SMP
* NetBSD, an open source BSD with an emphasis on portability and clean design
* OpenBSD, a 1995 fork of NetBSD, focuses on portability, security, standardization and correctness
* PC-BSD and DesktopBSD, variants of FreeBSD with emphasis on ease of use and user friendly interfaces for the desktop/laptop PC user
* Tru64 UNIX (formerly DEC OSF/1 AXP or Digital UNIX), the port of OSF/1 for DEC Alpha-based systems from DEC, Compaq and HP.
* Juniper Networks JunOS, the operating system for Juniper routers, a customized version of FreeBSD, and a variety of other embedded operating systems
* Apple Inc.'s Darwin, the core of Mac OS X; built on the XNU kernel (part Mach, part FreeBSD, part Apple-derived code) and a userland much of which comes from FreeBSD
* Early versions of Sun Microsystems SunOS (up to SunOS 4.1.4), an enhanced version of 4BSD for the Sun Motorola 68k-based Sun-2 and Sun-3 systems, SPARC-based systems, and x86-based Sun386i systems.
* DEC's Ultrix, the official version of Unix for its PDP-11, VAX, and DECstation systems
* OSF/1, a microkernel-based UNIX developed by the Open Software Foundation, incorporating the Mach kernel and parts of 4BSD
* DEMOS, a Soviet BSD clone
* NeXT NEXTSTEP and OPENSTEP, based on the Mach kernel and 4BSD; the ancestor of Mac OS X
* 386BSD, the first open source BSD-based operating system and the ancestor of most current BSD systems
* BSD/OS, a (now defunct) proprietary BSD for PCs

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