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GNU / GPL : Free Software Magazine
Poslao ognjen on 18.01.2005 10:14:06 (2171 Čitanja)

Pojavio se prvi broj prvog mjesečnika posvećeg slobodnom softveru, kriptičnog imena Free Software Magazine. Prvi broj je cijeli na webu.


Welcome to the first Free Software Magazine by Tony Mobily

Format Wars by Marco Fioretti
File formats: the past, the present and a possible future

XML: the answer to everything? by Kay Ethier, Scott Abel
This article weighs the pros and cons of XML for some applications (publishing), and explores why it is the best possible solution for many programming and publishing needs.

Free file formats and the future of intellectual freedom by Terry Hancock
Information as property may be served by closed file formats, but the freedom of information requires free formats

Creating Free Software Magazine by Tony Mobily
A long path that takes us to the very beginning of this project

Mac OS X: Welcome to the jungle by Chris J. Karr
A look inside the Mac OS X software ecology

The magic of live CDs by Harish Pillay
What are live CDs, and how do they work?

Every engineer’s checklist for justifying free software by Malcolm D. Spence
Free software is not just about “no license fees”!

Smarter password management by John Locke
How to handle your passwords without getting lost

The content tail wags the IT dog by Daniel James
Without hardware and software, there would be nothing for digital media to be created on, or used with. And yet the content industry attempts to tell the far larger IT industry what it can and cannot do.

Motivation and value of free resources by Aaron E. Klemm
Wikipedia and PlanetMath show the way

It’s all about freedom by Christian Einfeldt
Freedom is free software’s competitive advantage

The Commons by David M. Berry
The Commons as an Idea - Ideas as a Commons

Let’s not forget our roots by Tom Chance
Free software is not just about cost or stability: free software is a movement that mustn’t forget the principles which made it possible

i na kraju...

Richard Stallman’s blog by Richard Stallman

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 Re: Free Software Magazine
Skinuo sam taj prvi broj, i nije bog zna sta.

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