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Microsoft : OOXML nije prošao BRM u Ženevi
Poslao Rado on 29.02.2008 17:08:01 (1681 Čitanja)

Ballot Resolution Meeting u Ženevi Microsoftu ipak nije donio priželjkivani rezultat, čime je proces standardizacije Microsoftovog prijedloga doživio ozbiljno usporenje (što ne znači da na kraju priče, u nekoj budućnosti, neće biti ispravljen i/ili usvojen). U nastavku prenosimo sa

Update: Fuzzy blog.

The BRM in Geneva is over. A summary of the events is posted by Andy Updegrove in his blog. As you might have guessed, the five day meeting failed to properly address the huge amount of comments and proposed dispositions, and a rushed vote on Friday tried to lump together all unresolved issues in a package where the ECMA dispositions were to be voted on without any discussion. Needless to say, that failed miserably. Only ten national delegations voted, and only 4 P-members were for approval. 4 P-members disapproved, a whopping 15 abstained, and 2 even refused to register a vote in protest.

If you count all voting delegates, including those who are not P members, the vote was 6 approvals, 4 disapprovals, 18 abstentions and 4 refusals to vote. Expect this to be announced by Microsoft as a "3 to 2 majority for OOXML approval" in the next few hours. The reality is of course that this is a huge setback for Microsoft. The tricks they have been trying have backfired, and it is now more clear than ever before that OOXML is an immature specification which was totally inappropriate for the fast track procedure.

This means that there is no fully agreed-upon standards text to vote on for the upcoming 30 day ballot to approve or disapprove DIS29500. There are still a great deal of unresolved issues, and the text is half-baked at best. I simply don't see how this could become an ISO/IEC standard in its current form, regardless of the amount of money and marketing spin MS is planning to put into this in the next few weeks.

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