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Vrlo dobru usporedbu dve najzastupljenije licence (Microsoft EULA-e i GPL-a) možete pročitati ovdje (PDF od 30 stranica). Posebno je zanimljiv dio na stranici 10. Veliki brat promatra? ;)

Evo izvatka sa 10. stranice navedenog dokumenta:

.... * Internet-Based Services Components. The Product contains components that enable and facilitate the use of certain Internet-based services. You acknowledge and agree that Microsoft may automatically check the version of the Product and/or its components that you are utilizing and may provide upgrades or fixes to the Product that will be automatically downloaded to your Workstation Computer.


You give Microsoft the right to make changes to your computer, without them asking you. This can have possibly critically-serious consequences, if for some reason the software that Microsoft installs on your computer may cause other, (important-to-you) software on that computer, to stop working. You may not know that Microsoft has enacted a change to your platform, and you may spend a substantial amount of time investigating this application software failure which has arisen, totally oblivious to that fact that your computer was changed without you knowing. ...

želite saznati na što još Microsoft ima pravo?

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