Lasttuesday + ThisTuesday = Mobiliziranje pokreta digitalnim alatima!

Nadnevak 27.04.2004 12:58:58 | Tema: LasTTuesday

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  • TEMA: Mobiliziranje pokreta digitalnim alatima!
  • GOSTI: Susanne Lang, Julian Oliver i Florian Schneider
  • LOKACIJA: MaMa, Preradovićeva 18, Zagreb
  • VRIJEME: 27.04.2004. u 20:00h
  • ThisTuesday gathers best-practice information about organizations, projects and campaigns mobilizing and researching contingent and migrant labor. We hope this information contributes to the construction of a powerful movement that integrates workers, their organizations, supporters, net activists and independent media. It is a collaborative effort of dozens of groups developing a transnational platform around the struggles of migrant and contingent workers from different parts of the world.
  • Escape from Woomera - angažirana računalna igra producirana u Australiji i bavi se uprizorenjem bijega iz centra za pritvor azilanata
  • G-A-M-E workshop
  • Border Tour 04 - serija aktivističkih skupova po starim granicama nove evrope

    _Susanne LANG_ has been active in the general administration and conduction of projects, campaigns or seminars. Her main topic in the past ten years has been to build up and support networks of young activists, that are engaged locally or regionally in order to bring change into society, mainly dealing with topics of exclusion, right-winged extremism, but also with the struggles for freedom of movement and freedom of information. Lang is one of the initiators that built up D-A-S-H, the Internet platform for young people against racism and xenophobia of the EU-Commission. In 2002 she co-developed - interactive software based video-storytelling platform (using tapestry web software) on the topics of globalisation, activism and networking. In February 2004 she was one of the organizers of the NEURO festival in Munich, that focused on a networked practice of various media initiatives from around Europe, alongside the topics of freedom of information and freedom of movement.

    _Julian Oliver_ A core member of the Escape From Woomera project and director of game art organisation, selectparks, Julian Oliver is a software developer, composer and media-theorist. Currently working as Guest Researcher at The Interactive Institute in Visby, Sweden, He has presented papers and artworks at major international electronic-art events and conferences worldwide. Under the moniker 'delire' has performed game-based compositions at prominent venues throughout North America, Europe, Japan and the South Pacific. Julian's work in games began in 1998 with the modification of popular 3D shooter engines in an effort to bring disciplines of architecture and computer music to game design. Currently his personal work includes the development of unique engines entirely directed toward game-driven sound performance and installation. In conjunction with various European partners, Julian is also researching extending the medium of the game for use in tactical media operations and as a unique and secure platform for communication using mobile device.

    _Florian SCHNEIDER_ is a filmmaker, writer and media activist. He concentrates on how new communication and migration regimes are being attacked and undermined by critics of borders and networks. Schneider is one of the initiators of the No One is Illegal campaign and one of the founders of the noborder network and internet platform, D-A-S-H. In 2001 he designed and directed the make world festival in Munich, and organised metabolics, a series of lectures on net art and net culture. He has also worked on several documentaries for the German-French television station, Arte, including What's to be done? (WAS TUN?) which looks at contemporary activism. Recently he has been developing open network environment for collaborative content production and organizes international media networking events in the framework of European DASH. He also writes for major German newspapers, magazines, journals and handbooks.

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