Balmer o Linuxu

Nadnevak 24.09.2002 23:48:35 | Tema: Microsoft

Odobrio: igustin. Napisao: igustin.
Jučer je Steve Balmer na MVP (Most Valued Professionals) konferenciji u Londonu izjavio:
'Although Microsoft cannot compete against Linux on price, the company will use its community of professionals to outsmart the open-source movement.
Linux is a serious competitor. We have to compete with free software, on value, but in a smart way. We cannot price at zero, so we need to justify our posture and pricing. Linux isn't going to go away--our job is to provide a better product in the marketplace.'
He acknowledged there was more to Linux than free software--the main benefit of the open-source movement was the community developing software and sharing ideas. 'Linux is not about free software, it is about community,' he said.

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