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2005 | 01 | 03
Ferovka  Kako je biti cura u svijetu informaticara- meni super:) ovo nije nikakav feministicki proglas nego samo blog kojeg se nadam da cu uspjet redovno pisati.
1. Zelite nauciti gimp-zanimljiv oglas ( or spam) 21:58  Melita 
heh, ovo sam dobila sa linuxchicks mailing liste:
I'd like to start a new course on the Courses list:
"GIMP For Beginners".

This course will be aimed primarily at first-time GIMP users,
users who have used GIMP a little, and those who have used
other image editing tools (such as xv or paintshop pro) but
aren't sure how that knowledge translates to GIMP.
However, anyone is welcome to take the course, and GIMP
experts are welcome to hang around and offer advice and

The course will begin with the basics, like cropping and resizing,
needed to take images from a digital camera and put them on
the web, and we'll move on from there to more advanced topics,
such as combining several images, adding text or lines, handling
layers, adjusting brightness, contrast, and colors, simple fixes
for problem photos, and so forth.

Warning: I will be giving "homework" assignments.
Looking at pictures is fun, so I hope everyone will be willing
to share the projects they work on as part of the course!

The only prerequisite is that you have a machine with GIMP
installed. If you can get the latest version (2.2), that's
ideal, since things keep moving around in the GIMP menus;
but 2.0.* should work fine too. If you only have 1.2, you're
still welcome, but I'd urge you to try to update at least to 2.0;
the 2.x series has a lot of improvements, and is different enough
that it might be a bit more difficult to find all the functions
we'll be using.

You don't need a digital camera or anything like that; I'll offer
some suggestions for places to get sample images if you don't
already have raw material to work with.

I'll probably wait until early next week to start the course, to
give people a chance to subscribe to the "courses" list if they
aren't already.


01/28 13:45 dobra ideja
Izglasano:   harpo_marx 
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2. Kako to rade geek cure 19:23  Melita 
Pa ovo ce biti mozda najbolji opis jer slike govore vise od 1000 rijeci

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